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The purpose of the Critical Internationalization Studies (CIS) Network Newsletter is to facilitate relationships and share resources across our community. This newsletter will aim to hold space for the multiplicity of perspectives that have come to comprise critical internationalization studies. In recognizing that there is no single way to reimagine mainstream internationalization, we hope to provide a venue for work that considers alternative and even contradictory perspectives of internationalization as well as work that explores the practical implications of critical ideas and concepts. Please continue sending us announcements you wish to share with the network.

In addition, we encourage you to contribute content that can help us to continue to deepen and complexify the academic conversation, stay apprised of relevant scholarship, and think about the ways in which we can translate our research to different audiences. To this end, our goals are threefold. First, we aim to provide subscribers with short summaries of recent research in the field that reimagines dominant patterns of relationship, representation, and resource distribution in the internationalization of education. Second, we aim to connect critical research with internationalization in practice, thus providing a venue for collaboration and the exchange of ideas between these two all-too-often disconnected worlds. Third, we aim to provide a venue for critical scholarly perspectives of internationalization that speak to fresh approaches to internationalization research and practice.

To address the three goals of the CIS Network Newsletter, we are currently accepting submissions of three types:

  1. Research Briefs that communicate about recent and ongoing research in critical internationalization studies. Generally speaking, the intended audience for a research brief comprises other researchers and scholars, whether in academic or non-academic positions.
  2. Practice Briefs that engage in the translation of recent and ongoing research in critical internationalization studies to the work that practitioners do in the field. Generally speaking, the intended audience for a practitioner brief is a non-academic audience.
  3. Critical Voices that discuss an important topic related to the CIS Network from the personal perspective of its author. Generally speaking, the intended audience for a critical voice piece comprises both scholars and practitioners.

Learn more about the submission types here. For all three submission types, authors should take care to ensure that their submissions resonate with the overarching goals of the CIS Network. Submissions for research and practice briefs should be approximately 500 words long; critical voice pieces should be between 800-1000. In both cases, authors should expect to go through at least one round of revisions based on editor feedback. Please upload your submissions using the OJED system available here:

We will also use this newsletter as a place to share our members’ recent publications and accomplishments, as well as information regarding the CIS Networks’ future meetings and events.

We hope that the introduction of this newsletter provides an additional forum for CIS Network members to exchange and explore new ideas, learn about and share different approaches to conducting critical internationalization research, and contribute positively and respectfully to the network community. Questions, comments, and inquiries can be directed to

Best wishes to all in the new year,

Dr. Santiago Castiello-Gutiérrez and Dr. Melissa Whatley (Editors)

Abu Arif and Chris Fuglestad (Assistant Editors)

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