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Our next network meeting will take place on Monday April 19, 2021 at 1pm Pacific, 4pm Eastern, 9pm UK, 10pm SAST, and will feature guest speakers Pii-Tuulia Nikula and Adinda van Gaalen from CANIE: Climate Action Network for International Educators, who will speak about “Practice and research of climate action in international education”. 

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Abstract: Many higher education institutions include internationalization, climate action and other SDGs in their strategic plans. However, the connections and tensions between these objectives are less frequently considered. This leads to dilemmas in the practice of internationalization. For instance, how do we balance environmental sustainability and more inclusive international education opportunities? CANIE: Climate Action Network for International Educators has started a grassroot movement to tackle these questions, motivating the sector to take climate action. The emission footprint originating from international education is a sustainability problem that should not be ignored (Shields, 2019). Simultaneously, the socio-cultural benefits of international education and its wider potential to have a significant positive handprint, are worth protecting. How can we stimulate exchange of ideas and incentivise climate action, while reducing our footprint? What are the opportunities and risks related to some of the low(er) carbon forms of international education? What type of research is required to address the existing gaps in our understanding?

Speaker bios:

Pii-Tuulia Nikula is a senior lecturer at Eastern Institute of Technology in New Zealand. She holds a PhD in Politics and International Relations from the University of Auckland. Most of Pii-Tuulia’s research focuses on sustainability and ethical behavior within the international education industry with an evolving interest in environmental questions. Pii-Tuulia is also one of the co-founders of CANIE: Climate Action Network for International Educators

Adinda van Gaalen works as a researcher and senior policy officer at Nuffic in the Netherlands and is a part time PhD candidate at Ghent University in Belgium. Working with both institutional and national level decision makers as well as practitioners she has developed expertise in various educational sectors. Her fields of interest include internationalisation strategies and policies, responsible internationalisation and the development of intercultural competences. Adinda was involved in the development of a Green Travel Policy at both Nuffic and Ghent University. Her research focuses on dilemmas in internationalisation strategies including the carbon footprint. She has (co) authored a number of publications and works as a trainer and auditor.

Past events

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September 2019: Dr. Gerardo Blanco, “Can We Critically Approach Work That Has Been Framed Uncritically? Doing Internationalization as Collective Account-Giving”

January 2020: Dr. Adriana Diaz, “Charting the linguistic landscape of internationalisation: Tensions between equitable and elite multilingualism”

May 2020: Dr. Amalia Dache, “Racial Ideology is Political Ideology: The Incommensurability of Cuban Higher Education Access”

September  2020: Dr. Jenny J. Lee, “Securitization of the Academy during COVID-19”.

October 2020 Work-in-Progress Session: Dr. Riyad Shahjahan and Dr. Kirsten Edwards, “Whiteness, Futurity and Globalization of Higher education”

November 2020 Work-in-Progress Session: Dr. Mirjam Hauck and Dr. Francesca Helm,”Critical Internationlisation through Critical Virtual Exchange (VE)”

January 2021, Network meeting: PhD Student Siseko Kumalo, Using Intellectual Ancestries to Rethink the Black Archive in South Africa and Beyond”