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Past events

September 2018: Dr. Chrystal George Mwangi, “What is a Critical Lens Doing in a Nice Field like International Higher Education and Where Do We Go From Here?”

January 2019: Featuring guest speakers Dr. Riyad Shahjahan, Annabelle Estera, and Vivek Vellanki. You can listen to an audio recording of our session here: 

May 2019: Dr. Abigail Boggs, “The Noncitizen Student, the State and Capital: On The Transnational Politics of the Neoliberal University”

September 2019: Dr. Gerardo Blanco, “Can We Critically Approach Work That Has Been Framed Uncritically? Doing Internationalization as Collective Account-Giving”

January 2020: Dr. Adriana Diaz, “Charting the linguistic landscape of internationalisation: Tensions between equitable and elite multilingualism”

May 2020: Dr. Amalia Dache, “Racial Ideology is Political Ideology: The Incommensurability of Cuban Higher Education Access”

September  2020: Dr. Jenny J. Lee, “Securitization of the Academy during COVID-19”.

October 2020 Work-in-Progress Session: Dr. Riyad Shahjahan and Dr. Kirsten Edwards, “Whiteness, Futurity and Globalization of Higher education”

November 2020 Work-in-Progress Session: Dr. Mirjam Hauck and Dr. Francesca Helm,”Critical Internationlisation through Critical Virtual Exchange (VE)”

January 2021, Network meeting: PhD Student Siseko Kumalo, Using Intellectual Ancestries to Rethink the Black Archive in South Africa and Beyond”