Network Events

On January 17, 2020, we will welcome Dr. Adriana Diaz from the University of Queensland ( to our virtual meeting. Her presentation will be called “Charting the linguistic landscape of internationalisation: Tensions between equitable and elite multilingualism.”
In April/May 2020, we will welcome Dr. Amalia Dache-Gerbino from the University of Pennsylvania ( Stay tuned for more details.
Past events
September 2018: Featuring Dr. Chrystal George Mwangi. You can view a video recording of our session here.
January 2019: Featuring guest speakers Dr. Riyad Shahjahan, Annabelle Estera, and Vivek Vellanki. You can listen to an audio recording of our session here: 
May 2019: Featuring Dr. Abigail Boggs. You can view a recording of our session here.

September 2019: Featuring Dr. Gerardo Blanco from the University of Connecticut. A video of his presentation is available here:


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