This new resource consists of an open-access online library of video lectures from educators across the globe that address different dimensions of international education. In addition to the video lectures, there are several accompanying resources that are available to you. This includes a handbook with suggested readings and links to other related resources. 

This masterclass on critical internationalization studies is part of a research project, led by Dr. Sharon Stein, funded by the Spencer Foundation, entitled “Internationalization for an Uncertain Future: Setting the Agenda for Critical Internationalization Studies.” The project, which was co-produced by Dr. Santiago Castiello-Gutiérrez and Dr. Jhuliane Evelyn da Silva, weaves together a range of critical and decolonial perspectives, all of which seek (in their own ways) to identify, challenge, and ultimately interrupt the ways that mainstream approaches to the study and practice of internationalization have contributed to the reproduction of systemic harm in education and beyond. 

In the first stage of this project, we are sharing 15 videos by academic experts from diverse scholarly, geographical, and epistemological locations.

Critical Internationalization Studies Masterclass Contents:

  • Introduction, by Dr. Sharon Stein, Dr. Santiago Castiello-Gutiérrez, and Dr. Jhuliane Evelyn Da Silva
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